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Planning to move your home or business soon?

Relocating from Raleigh
to a new area offers new opportunities to generate income and expand business. Yet before you can yield these opportunities, you’ll first have to deal with the actual move.

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moving service in Raleigh, NC -
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Whether you need commercial or residential moves, same-day service or appointments, long-distance and short-distance trips, or careful piano moving, we have the manpower, equipment and tools to manage tasks of different levels and circumstances efficiently.

Our company will make the whole process seamless and cause minimum disturbance to your daily routines. Learn something more about us and you’ll see you get responsible and reliable staff at your disposal !

Our rates are insanely affordable and competitive while our service speeds are outstanding. We also treat care as an important quality during moves. Our select team of moving contractors are well-versed and certified to handle both residential belongings and commercial equipment. We guarantee no items will be harmed or lost during transportation.

Moving an entire household or business is undoubtedly tedious and stressful. There are difficulties that are simply inevitable. From packing all the items you need to bring including large furniture, heavy filing cabinets and drawers, etc. to transporting it one batch at a time on a long round trip, the task consumes too much time and effort, not to mention gas money. The real trick in a successful move isn’t about how many people undertake the task or how many vehicles you bring. It is all about careful planning and enough preparation, something that Pro Movers LLC has tons of experience in. We take the necessary time to devise a systematic plan of action, so that actual operations go smoothly during the actual moving day.

Moving can be a stressful time. To avoid the stress make sure you make an appointment with us! Pro Movers LLC – we will make your move simple! When you have to pack your belongings but your time is short, or when you have to make a short notice move – call us. We are a professional moving company, providing a complete package of moving & storage service in the territory of Raleigh, NC. We will cover all your packing, loading and moving needs with professionalism and zeal, at a reasonable rate and without any extra hidden costs.

As well as our moving service, we can also provide a household storage service. Your possessions will stored in a safe, dry place and you can rest assured nothing is going to happen to them. Our secure storage sites, attentive customer service and competitive prices make us the indisputable, number one moving & storage service provider.

However complex your requirements, our highly trained movers can cover them! Our aim is to provide a fast and expert moving services. Complete customer satisfaction is what we insist on. Whether it’s fragile belongings, electronics or bulky furniture, nothing scares our expert movers. We make sure your possessions get to their intended destination without any damage, exactly as you want them. To avoid any unpleasant surprises during your residential or commercial relocation, you can count on our moving services. Our friendly crew will pack and load the boxes, while you enjoy your relocating experience.

As a local Raleigh moving company, we realize the tremendous opportunity to make long lasting relationships with our customers. At Pro Movers LLC, we offer not just moving services, but also packing, home relocation services, plus family and home planning assistance for your next move. We offer an overall strategy that helps make household moving less stressful for the entire family. By assisting home owners with every part of the moving process, we make their transitions to new homes more pleasant than they ever thought possible.

(919) 233-3993